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Reactive Dyes
Reactive Dyes are known for their precise formulation and ability to form covalent bond with applied surface. These types of dyes are suitable for coloring cellulose fibers. Colorfastness is one of its main aspects.
Direct Dyes
Application of Direct Dyes can be noticed in leather processing and paper production arena. These types of dyes are compatible with different types of dying materials. These are usually used on biological stains and on ph indicators.
Acid Dyes
Acid Dyes are used for coloring animal fibers like mohair, wool, silk and so on.  These dyes easily dissolve in water. Soluble version of these substances is used as acid to attain required shade.
Hair Dyes
This range of Hair Dyes is reckoned for its pure composition, moisture free content, non toxic quality and high tinting strength. Excellent chemical attributes, pure composition and good solubility are some of their key features.
Mordant Dyes
Mordant Dyes are used for coloring cellulose fiber, wool, silk and cotton. Dyed fabrics are colorfast. Pure content, good solubility and stable chemical properties are their main aspects. These are of non toxic grade substances.
Solvent Dyes
Solvent Dyes are known for their colorfast feature. These organic products are suitable for coloring synthetic and natural fibers. Easy to apply, these have precise formulation. Offered dyes are free from toxic content.
Basic Dyes
This range of Basic Dyes is suitable to be applied on fabrics, fibers and paper. Accessible in different shades, these have less mixing ratio and good solubility level. Provided dyes can be stored for longer period.
This array of Dyes is reckoned for its colorfast quality and toxin free composition. Available in powder form, these are applied on silk, polyamide, cotton and woolen fibers. These are accessible in different shade based choice.
Ultramarine Blue
Ultramarine Blue dyes are used to formulate paints, surface coatings, master batches etc. Application of these dyes can also be noticed in cosmetics and toiletries production fields. These have good solubility level.
This array of Dyestuffs is known for its accurate formulation and colorfast nature. Accessible in different shades, these powder based substances have been produced by following latest technology. These substances are cost effective.
This array of Pigments is used for producing paints, inks, plastic items, cosmetics etc. Different shades of these substances can be availed in paste and powder forms. Reasonable price is one of their key features.
Fine Chemical
Fine Chemical is very effective and also used in different purposes. This chemical is easy to use and safe to handle.This chemical is used in the production of all our energy and consumer goods. This chemical is great to use. This chemical is very economical in nature.
Food Colours
This range of Food Colors is appreciated for its accurate formulation and bright shade. These colors are completely free from heavy metal ions and these have stable chemical attributes. Offered colors have god dye exhaustion properties.
Biological Stains
Biological Stains are used to attain a contrast effect and to enhance visibility of picture seen through microscope. Convenient to apply, these products are effective in showing accurate result. These have good fastness properties.
Dye Intermediates
Dye Intermediates offered by us are used for coloring textile items, paints, plastics etc. These intermediates have been produced by using quality approved chemicals. Pure composition, low mixing ratio, colorfast quality and reasonable price are their main aspects.
Optical Whitening Agent
Optical Whitening Agents are known for their environment friendly content. These are applied on fabrics, papers and plastics .Low mixing ratio and long shelf life are some of their main aspects.
Biological Reagents
Biological Reagents can be reused for further reactions.They are also used for the detection, identification, analysis, etc. They are very effective as well as safe to use.They are substances used for the detection or determination of another substance. They require very low maintenance and replacement costs. 
PH & Stain Indicators
This collection of PH & Stain Indicators is known for its good solubility factor, excellent heat stability and moisture free content. Due to their non toxic content, these are safe to handle.
Paper Dyes
Paper Dyes are used in inks, papers, coatings, and many plastics. These dyes are insoluble and have no tendency to migrate in the material. They are standard powders used in printing ink and the packaging industry. These dyes are tested under various parameters to ensure its excellent working. 

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