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PH & Stain Indicators

PH Indicators are the substances (weak acid or base) that change colour depending on the solutions pH it is added to. These indicators are often obtained from plants. The Ph Indicator, Laboratory PH Indicators, etc  do not change their colour sharply at one pH level but change over narrow range of pH. The narrower the pH range is result is better. We are known as a well renowned manufacturer, exporter, supplier, distributor and trading company from India, striving to offer best quality at fair market rate. Liquid pH indicators are commonly used for titration. These are easy to use and well suited for measurements in waste water, drinking water, surface water, swimming pool water, aquarium water, etc.

What is PH Indicator?

A pH indicator changes color in solution over a range of pH values. The pH indicators live as dye infused paper strips and liquid dyes. They are added to different solutions to check the pH values. The paper form is immersed into solutions and then removed for comparison against a pH / color key, whereas the liquid form of pH indicators is added directly to the solutions.  

We offer a broad range of PH Indicator Paper & Test Paper, in strip or roll form of virtually anything you care to calculate waters urine, food, saliva, etc reliably & quickly packed in plastic box, ready-to-use. The PH indicator solution is helpful to make pH indicator paper. The examine solution mostly colorless & clear, when pH indicators are utilized in liquid form. The sample has little intrinsic color, at the time of testing. 

The pH indicators are often used in titrations in biology and analytical chemistry to determine the degree of a chemical reaction. Due to the subjective choice of color, the pH indicators are susceptible to imprecise study. For applications that require precise pH measurement, a pH meter is often used. Also a blend of various indicators is used to achieve some smooth color changes, over a broad range of pH values.  

Products Features:

1) Free from impurities, longer shelf life, no side effects
2) Light fastness, good heat stability, free from moisture
3) Accurate composition, show accurate results, high tinting strength
4) It very easy to use, these are non-toxic, dark color tone
5) Balanced composition, no or minimal side effects, highly concentrated
6) Excellent fastness properties, good solubility properties
7) Excellent quality and perfectly safe for use, dyes are non-caustic

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